• Cleaning Glass Doors Vesus Acyrlic Doors

    If you are looking for shower doors in Somerset county NJ, you came to the right place! Many people consider the style choices of shower doors over the function of them. A lot of times, people forget that the shower doors have a purpose to keep water out and aren’t just there for looks. One of the key things people forget about is upkeep for the doors. Are you a person who does a lot of cleaning or is your life busy and you don’t have time for that? These are important questions to think about as you pick shower doors. One option is better, depending on what you do!

    Many people have busy lives and don’t spend a lot of time doing more than a quick wipe of a counter at night or a once a week vacuuming of the floor. These kinds of people might want to …

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  • I Wanted the Birds to Relocate

    When I first moved to my house three years ago, there was not a huge bird problem. That only started within the last six months or so. I have no idea why so many birds decided that my house was now their house, but that is what happened. I am not afraid of them or anything, but I don’t like how messy they are. I have shooed them away, but that has never worked. They keep coming back, day after day. Well, they did, but that was before a bird control company helped me out with getting them to shoo for good.

    He explained that the reason for the overpopulation of the birds was because most of them were pigeons. They start having baby pigeons at six months of age, and they mate year round. That means that a non-issue would turn into an overpopulation in a very short period …

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